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Welcome To Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication Ibadan (FG/NBTE Approved Polytechnic)

In Africa, names carry profound meanings and convey significant messages. They create expectations and shape attitudes for those who understand their essence. At Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC), the name "Impact" was chosen purposefully to signify our unwavering commitment to effect lasting positive change in the lives of our students and the environment we inhabit.

Our mission at ISBC is to instill in our students the core values of Integrity, Competence, Industry, and Compassion. We empower them to acquire essential skills and internalize values that will guide them in both their professional careers and personal lives, leading to meaningful, impactful, and fulfilling journeys.

We firmly stand bound to an agreement with our students, fostering a conscious awareness of their glorious destinies. This journey begins with self-discovery and a determination to make a positive impact in life. To succeed, they require the right environment, supportive mentors, a strong educational foundation, appropriate skills, and the right attitude. Our aim is to provide them with all these essential elements.

At Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC), we are committed to producing graduates who exemplify integrity, competence, industry, skillfulness, and passion. Our young men and women will be empowered with compassion and the ability to make positive contributions to their chosen fields and society at large. We nurture them to fulfill their God-given destinies and leave a lasting mark on the world.

About Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC): Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC) is a leading institution dedicated to providing high-quality technical education to empower students for successful careers. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and industry partnerships make us a top choice for students seeking hands-on learning experiences.

Established to meet the growing demand for a skilled labor force, Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC) is aimed at supporting skill development, entrepreneurship, economic growth, and personal fulfillment.

Our courses at Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC) are accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). This accreditation ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for the workforce, equipped with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their respective fields. They emerge as confident and competent individuals, fully aware of professional expectations and capable of performing to their highest potential. Our graduates receive Diplomas, relevant Professional Certificates, and valuable entrepreneurial skills, positioning them for success in various career paths.

At Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC), we strive to make a difference, one graduate at a time, by fostering a generation of skilled and socially responsible individuals who will positively contribute to society.

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The amount of time required for Impact Polytechnic Ibadan to process an application depends on many factors such as time of submission and the completeness of the application received. Typically, if a complete international application is received, including all supporting documentation, the application will be processed in 10-12 business days.

If circumstances arise and you are unable to attend Impact Polytechnic Ibadan, you can request an admission deferral to a different term in the same academic year. Email the Office of the Registrar at with rationale to request the deferral. You are unable to defer your admission to the next academic year.

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    Our Student's Stories

    It has been a great pleasure being here, learning form top experts and gaining real time experience in the field.

    James Oladele
    Computer Science

    This wonderful citadel of knowledge has helped boost my confidence level, and also helped me see life more than it's surface view.

    Funmi Ibrahim
    Computer Science

    The few months i have spent at the Impact Schoool of Broadcasting and Communication (ISBC) is one of the most memorable in my life.

    Duru Marvelous

    I enjoy my courses taken in the school. I love every bit of it.

    Donatus Miracle
    Mass Media