Our Objectives

The objectives of ISBC are:

a) To provide a conducive learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities that enable students to face future challenges confidently upon graduation.

b) To develop and offer academic and professional programs leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and internationally recognized professional certifications.

c) To produce industry-ready graduates who possess productive skills that reduce reliance on the labor market and empower them to positively impact the world.

d) To instill a "Can Do" attitude, encouraging creativity and resilience in the face of challenges, enabling our students to embrace opportunities for growth.

e) To foster teamwork, communication, coordination, and team spirit by encouraging students to work collaboratively to solve problems.

f) To promote capacity building and continuous self-improvement, nurturing creative problem-solving skills and an optimistic outlook towards challenges.

g) To instill a sense of responsibility, personal accountability, and a willingness to make necessary sacrifices for making meaningful contributions to society.

h) To provide our students with a holistic, integrated, and experiential learning experience, encompassing the advantages of "learning to know," "learning to do," and "learning to be.

Enrolment Is Ongoing

We are currently accepting applications into all our programmes. Apply now before it closes.