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At Impact, we believe in the power of effective communication to shape societies, influence opinions, and drive positive change. Our Mass Communication department is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of media professionals, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and ethical foundation needed to thrive in today's dynamic media landscape. As a student in our department, you will embark on a journey of exploration, creativity, and innovation. Our curriculum blends theoretical understanding with practical experience, offering you hands-on opportunities to develop your storytelling abilities across various mediums, including journalism, broadcasting, digital media, and public relations. Led by experienced faculty members who are industry experts themselves, you will engage in interactive lectures, workshops, and real-world projects that will challenge you to think critically, communicate effectively, and adapt to emerging technologies and trends. Moreover, at Impact School of Broadcasting, we prioritize experiential learning and industry immersion. Through internships, guest lectures, and networking events, you will have the chance to connect with professionals and gain invaluable insights into the field. Whether your passion lies in investigative reporting, documentary filmmaking, social media management, or corporate communications, our Mass Communication department is committed to empowering you to achieve your goals and make a meaningful impact in the world of media. We are thrilled to welcome you to our vibrant community of aspiring journalists, filmmakers, broadcasters, and communicators. Together, let's embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape not only your future career but also the future of media. Welcome to the Department of Mass Communication at Impact School of Broadcasting, where your voice matters, and your story begins

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The Department of Mass Communication was established to provide education and training services in the fields relating to modern broadcasting, journalism and general media at the National Diploma levels.

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It is aimed at providing education and training services in fields relating to broadcasting and journalism.

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Our goal and commitment as an institution is to ensure our students receive the best training academically while also ensuring they are equipped with skills for the future

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